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The End … for now

Sydney Opera House - still there when we returned

Sydney Opera House – still there when we returned

We’ve come almost full circle; we’re back in Sydney because A:  we loved it and B: our flight back to LA leaves from the Sydney airport.  We make our way to ‘the best hotel in the whole world’ again, where Samm welcomes us back like an old friend.  Which we hope he’ll become.  Continue Reading →

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Shopping (and fun) in Sydney

Shopping and fun are one and the same for us, but we did manage to branch out a bit while in Sydney.  Strangely, I’ll start with something we didn’t do, but that really looked like fun (unless you’re Roger and have a great fear of heights):  The Harbor Bridge Climb.  You can, voluntarily, agree to don a nondescript grey jumpsuit (to keep from distracting drivers on the bridge), tether yourself to the bridge and your fellow climbers and then climb across catwalks and up the arch of this Sydney landmark.  Keep in mind that your walking surface is not solid and, at many times, is more  like a ladder.  Since I had a desire to keep Roger alive and sane til his May 1st birthday, we agreed not to attempt this.

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Sydney & Opera House

We arrived at dusk and slowly circled the city at 1,000 feet. Even in the quickening darkness, the guidebook was right: ‘flying into Sydney has to be the finest introduction to Australia imaginable.’ The view was breathtaking. We couldn’t wait to land.Sydney from air 2

We breezed through passport control and customs (friendly immigration officials! Imagine that!) and got in line for a cab. (Note: cabdrivers the world over are reluctant to help with luggage. They tend to look, with interest, at the inside of their trunks, as if they’ve never seen them before. Then they look at you with a ‘now, what?’ expression on their faces. This wouldn’t be a huge issue, but we travel with luggage the size of a Volkswagen bus. A little help is most appreciated.) Continue Reading →

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