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It was definitely too good to last.  Despite mysterious international electricity suppliers, confounding network connections and Google in five different languages; my laptop soldiered through and allowed me to record our two month adventure without too much interruption – until the fateful evening in Cortona.  (And I’m pretty sure this is just the universe paying me back for asking a ‘gentleman’ at dinner if he was hard of hearing and asking him to tone down the volume.  Sigh.  I’ll never learn.  (Was EVERYONE in the restaurant annoyed?  Yes.  Was I the only one to speak up?  Yes.  Did everyone avoid me like the plague afterward?  Yes.  Did my laptop die that same evening?  Yes.  Surely an instance of cause and effect.)


We’ll be on our way to Paris on Tuesday, where I’m hoping to find a dedicated Apple store to find out whether my hard drive (with my 1064 photos from this trip along with a daily diary) will be salvageable.  I’m trying not to despair nor to be driven to drink (no one has yet offered to drive, however ‘drink’ is within easy walking distance here in Florence.)


All is not lost;  Rog has this little ‘pretend’ laptop that I’m using right now.  Perhaps it will even allow me to upload some photos, although I’m not convinced it’s that sophisticated.  (Typically, I returned to the hotel to explore the compatability of my camera and Roger’s laptop.  Predictably, he is currently roaming the streets of Florence with my camera in his pocket.  I’m sure he doesn’t realize it.  That’s the way we roll.)


In any case, Happy Anniversary to us – 12 years today (6/21).  Since we took our wedding party and guests to a rehearsal dinner at Café Luciano in Chicago the night before our wedding, we sought out the restaurant in Florence most like Café Luciano for dinner last night.  It was wonderful – especially since I was finally able to try some Ribollita and home-made pasta with truffles.  Ottimo!!


Ciao, tutti!

P.S.  We’re now in Paris where the Apple service department told me that my computer might not be recoverable.  I’m going to go throw myself in the Seine in a little while.  Right after I stop at the nearest patisserie.

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