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The Lord of the (w)Ring(ing wet) (with apologies to JRR Tolkien)

Fiordlands National Park

In 10 quick days, we drove from the top of New Zealand to the very bottom, going from North Island to South Island with a four hour ferry ride through the Cook Strait (named after the good Captain, himself) in between.  My positive spin on the experience is that we never needed sun block, sunglasses, or short sleeved shirts. You’ll be interested to know that when it rains in the southern hemisphere, it does so in a counter-clockwise fashion.  (No, it doesn’t.  That’s just as silly as the notion that the toilets flush differently down here.  We know, because we watched.  Repeatedly, just in case of a fluke flush.) Continue Reading →

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Christchurch – charming, beautiful and devastated

Avon River, Christchurch

View of the Avon River in the Christchurch Botanic Garden

On a sunny morning in February, 2011, the lovely town of Christchurch was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, a mere 5 months after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake jolted the area.  The 2010 quake caused no fatalities, but weakened many building structures, so that when the second quake hit on that lovely summer morning, 185 people would die as buildings collapsed and the ground slid away to be filled with silt and water. Continue Reading →

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