Planning for a trip ‘Down Under’

No, not hints for your next bout of manscaping.  And just because ‘banana benders’ are involved doesn’t  mean you should go jumping to conclusions.  I’m talking about planning a trip to a place where men wear budgie smugglers and your nose stands out like a shag on a rock.  Where footy is played by tall poppies and a cuppa is poured from a billy (delicious with a mystery bag!).  The land of hilarious colloquialisms.  A sunburnt country where all the men look like Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe (hopefully).  (And, yes, where all the women look like Nicole Kidman. Sigh.)



We’re leaving for Australia and New Zealand (with a tiny stopover in Tahiti) in a few weeks and in between sourcing hotels, comparing airfares and hoping for the immediate invention of ‘chia clothes’ (just sprinkle on the seeds, take a shower and ‘voila!’ – an appropriate outfit for a day in the Outback!), we’re trying to learn “Aussie”, so we don’t sound like a couple of whackers.  Not that we want to be a couple of show ponies, just a pair of larrikins on the loose.

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2 Responses to Planning for a trip ‘Down Under’

  1. John Kost April 9, 2013 at 7:23 pm #

    I hope we see from photos from Roger, too. His point of view might be more interesting for us guys — if you get my drift.

    • John Kost April 9, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

      Oh, and since I will be following a few days behind you through New Zealand and Australia, I will be in regular communications with the State department to determine what political messes need to be cleaned up after you leave.

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