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Sometimes public art should stay private

Today, a gathering of random observations (because my brain has been addled by Bavarian pretzels and can’t come up with a unifying theme for this post):

Random Observation #1:  When you think ‘surfing’, your first thought is ‘Munich’, right?  Yeah, me neither.  Even being a geography challenged American, I know there’s no ocean in Bavaria.  (Although there are rather a lot of muscled blonde guys running around here.)  Smack dab in the middle of the city, the River Isar works itself into a total lather, thus creating the exact opposite of The Longest Wave.  Observe:

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Random Observation #2:  Just about anywhere in Europe in late April/early May, you’ll see signs announcing “Spargel” (just to be clear, you’ll see that particular word only in countries where German is spoken.  Other countries, wisely, will use their own language to announce the beginning of “Asparagus” (that’s American English) season!)  So, big deal, right?  We have asparagus year round.  Well, not THIS asparagus!  (Please don’t be put off by its HUGE paleness.  This stuff is delicious and addictive.  And huge.  And pale.  They should be sold with condoms.)  This was my dinner plate on Roger’s birthday:

That's a healthy portion of wiener schnitzel next to the Spargel, just for scale

That’s a healthy portion of wiener schnitzel next to the Spargel, just for scale

If your bathtub has a gas burner under it and you’d like to cook Spargel at home, here’s how you’ll find it in the marketplace in spring.  This, of course, is “Deutscher Spargel”.  Not, for instance, “Ooh-La-La Frenchy Spargel”.

Random Observation #4:  Maypoles are a huge deal in Bavaria – and tradition has it that on May 1, neighboring villages will pillage your community in an attempt to bring down the Maypole that you only just that morning erected.  We must have checked out Maypoles in at least 20 towns – and I don’t know if anyone has mentioned to the by-now frustrated ‘neighboring villages’, but those suckers seem permanently affixed to the ground.  And, unless those Maypoles are being taken down on April 30th and re-erected under dark of night on May 1, (with cement) we’re saying THEY NEVER MOVE AT ALL.  We’re very suspicious of this whole ‘tradition thing’ and wonder what else the Germans are trying to put over on us.

Right.  They just put it up this morning.

Right. They just put it up this morning.

Random Observation #5:  Have you ever seen this?  If you’re lucky enough to have attended a winter Olympics, then you’ve seen an Olympic sized ski jump (but have you also seen its siblings – Junior, Shrimp and Thumbelina?)  These are in Garmish and when you picture yourself ascending this blade and then hurtling down it with the INTENTION of launching yourself into the air, well,…. we went to the biergarten and calmed our nerves.


Random Observation #6:  (well, this is really a tiny shameless namedrop disguised as a random observation)  Did you know that you can eat breakfast with Spock and even though you stare at him really, really hard, he will not know what you’re thinking?  Yeah, sitting next to us at breakfast this week was this guy –

Zachary Quinto aka Spock

Zachary Quinto 

but looking more like this guy:

Also Zachary Quinto

Also Zachary Quinto

and he had NO idea I was thinking “Who the heck is that?  Don’t we know him from Minnesota?”)

And, lastly, my current favorite outdoor sculpture:

What???  I can't HEAR you!!!

What??? I can’t HEAR you!!!


4 Responses to Munich Miscellany

  1. Nancy Martin May 3, 2015 at 10:59 pm #

    Wonderful post Elaine.. looks like you are having a wonderful time

  2. Gabriele May 4, 2015 at 3:54 am #

    My not-random comment…that was a most enjoyable post that offered an insight into Munich and its culture…you take note of the most ordinary yet meaningful aspects of everywhere you travel. Thank you, Elaine!

  3. Libby May 9, 2015 at 4:52 am #

    Mmmmm. Zachary Quinto. Either way. But not better than the sculpture. And in-town surfing? Definitely a cultural oddity. Seems like a great trip!

  4. Martina June 4, 2015 at 11:35 pm #

    The in-town surfing just blew me away, thanks for the pictures my imagination does not stretch that far.

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