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It takes a village (idiot).

The church at Weissenkirchen

The church at Weissenkirchen

The little Austrian villages along the Danube were nuggets of charm.  Every bend in the river revealed another fairy-tale vista; I wanted to drag an anchor behind the ship just to slow us down.   Continue Reading →

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Little Gems in Germany

Now, where was I? (Apologies for the break; I needed a short vacation from the vacation.)  Immediately after the Prince 2014 tour, we experienced life in a little Franconian farm village.  Or hamlet.  (What’s smaller than a hamlet?  This place was an omlet.) Continue Reading →

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Patience, my dear. A little patience

Roger waiting to pack.  Four weeks before departure.

Roger waiting to pack. Four weeks before departure.

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Desperately Seeking Bunnies

Aha!  You probably clicked the ‘bunnies’ tag, right?  Did you think I WOULDN’T have bunnies for you?  Enjoy!

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The Blogging Begins….

It’s only taken 3 weeks to achieve reliable internet service here in Europe, so you’ll be spared my minute to minute impressions of the English countryside (green, rolling, green, beautiful, did I say green?).  My musings are being published weekly in the Rapid City Journal, but they, in their wisdom, are limiting me to 300 words.  I’m barely warming up at 300 words!  On this site, I’ll attempt to flesh out my columns and also provide my unedited reactions to these latest adventures with Roger.  (Well, not quite true.  I’ll do some editing  – don’t want to lose all of you at the first paragraph!)

(And before I digress futher, the photo at the top of this blog is a view of the village of Burnsall in the Yorkshire Dales, where we rented a cottage on the banks of the River Wharfe.  Umm.. green, yes?)

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