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Au Revoir, Moorea

I’m already nostalgic for this scene:

Afternoon shadows Moorea

This post finds us on a ferry, journeying from Wellington, NZ on the North Island to Picton, NZ on the South Island. I just needed one more look at Moorea before I start writing about New Zealand. Just to prepare you for what’s coming, I found this little sign at Te Papa, a stunning museum on the shoreline of the Tasman sea in Wellington.

It rains and rains and rains

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Moorea – Paradise Regained!

“Nothing on Tahiti is so majestic as what faces it across the bay, for there lies the island of Moorea.  To describe it is impossible.  It is a monument to the prodigal beauty of nature.”  – James Michener, ‘Return to Paradise’, 1951

I couldn’t agree with Mr. Michener more, so to spare you my feeble attempts at describing paradise, please enjoy my feeble attempts at photographing it….

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Tahiti – Paradise Lost?

Moorea Island in the distance; the view from our hotel in Tahiti

A welcoming view from our hotel. The island of Moorea (our next stop) can be seen in the distance.

They say getting there is half the fun.  “They” haven’t traveled through LAX at midnight.  Los Angeles International Airport is like a reverse Disneyland.  The happy, helpful characters in cute costumes at Disney have been replaced by grumpy ‘characters’ in disheveled costumes who dispense unhelpful advice and wrong directions at every turn.  The hundreds of ‘guests’ waiting patiently in line for thrilling rides at Disney transform into hundreds of ‘passengers’ who have turned waiting into a contact sport for rides that are sure to be thrilling for all the wrong reasons. If getting there is half the fun, we’re in trouble. Continue Reading →

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