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Arles. Aaarghh! (revised)

The majestic Chateau de Tarascon

The majestic Chateau de Tarascon

(Sorry about all the sideways pictures on the first iteration of this post.  I have to stop drinking.)

The bittersweet last stop on our French River cruise.  Arles.  Site of a well preserved Roman amphitheater.  Site, too, of Van Gogh’s ear removal.  Arles.  Now, the non-French-speaking among us will struggle with the pronunciation of this town’s name.  We’ll say things like: “Are Lay” or “Aruls”.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Please see the second word in the title of this post.  Now say it:  “Aargh”  BUT drop the ‘G’ at the end and insert an ‘L’ (but feel like you’re swallowing your tongue while doing it).  There!  Now you have it!  You, too, can speak French like a… well, like an American.  You’re welcome. Continue Reading →

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