So, In Conclusion…(part 1)

Mercedes Benz Museum

All good things must end (except chocolate).  After careening around Bavaria for a couple of days, we returned to Stuttgart for the final leg of the “Porsche Spring Treffen” (we learned that ‘treffen’ only means ‘meeting’, not death-defying driving experience.  How disappointing.)   Continue Reading →

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The Legacy of Jakob the Rich


Public housing projects are not usually on a tourist’s itinerary, but when we heard the story of The Fuggerei, we found it irresistible. Continue Reading →

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Praise the brakes & Pass the beer!


“Let’s fly, Eagles!”  These 3 words will be forever burned in my memory as the Official Start of the Birthday Which Shall Not Be Named.   Continue Reading →

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Munich Miscellany


Sometimes public art should stay private

Today, a gathering of random observations (because my brain has been addled by Bavarian pretzels and can’t come up with a unifying theme for this post): Continue Reading →

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Somewhat Batty in Bavaria

Schloss Herren Chiemsee

Schloss Herren Chiemsee

When it comes to deranged despots, it’s hard to beat Germany’s history.  One of my personal faves is Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria (he of Castle Neuschwanstein fame). Continue Reading →

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May Day! May Day!

Roger, in heaven at BMW World

Roger, in heaven at BMW World

It’s finally here – the ‘birthay which must not be named’!  If anyone would like to join me in celebrating (or aggravating) my adorable husband on his birthday, please email your greetings to:

He’ll thank me (and you) later, I hope….

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Munich in 3 Words


Order.  Drink.  Enjoy.

Order. Drink. Enjoy.

More to come.  Once the hangover wears off….

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And now for some shameless name-dropping….

While dusting off my blog in preparation for tonight’s departure for Roger’s “Birthday Which Must Not Be Named” celebration in Germany, I found this unpublished blog post. Continue Reading →

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Budapest from hillThe end of the trail, um, cruise.  We sailed into Budapest in the early morning and were captivated by the two cities, Buda and Pest, as they straddled the Danube in their timeless elegance.    The river was crowded with other cruise ships, flotillas of tourist boats, the occasional commercial craft and us.   But even the floating masses didn’t detract from the sublime architecture lining the river’s banks.  The wedding-cake-like Parliament, Buda Castle, Fisherman’s Bastion – familiar sights from every travel poster and movie set in Eastern Europe, but so jaw-droppingly lovely in person.  Our ship made one long trip down the Danube, reversed course and docked.   Our final destination. Continue Reading →

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We’re Finally in Vienna!

Palace of Fine Arts ViennaI’d always heard Vienna referred to as the ‘City of Dreams’ and I thought it was because of the beautiful baroque architecture, formal gardens and lovely setting (well, kind of) along the Danube.  Now I learn that it earned that moniker because it was home to Sigmund Freud.  This requires some analysis.  Continue Reading →

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